Our Ingredients

You'll see our full list of ingredients below but we'd like to explain a few that you might not find in supermarket granolas!

Pumpkin - organic roasted pumpkin is blended with a few soaked dates and our delicious blend of freshly-ground organic nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.
Raw buckwheat - despite its name buckwheat is not a wheat, nor is it a grain. It is actually a seed of a plant that's related to rhubarb. Raw buckwheat is sometimes referred to as "groats" and is the seed of the buckwheat plant. It is highly nutritious and gluten free so suitable for those with gluten allergies or coeliac disease.
Pepitas - these are the inside of the pumpkin seeds that have been hulled from their outer skin. They are high in protein and have a slightly nutty flavour. 
Amaranth puffs - thought to have originated in Peru, amaranth has been eaten for thousands of years by the Aztecs and is prized for its high nutritional value. Technically it is a seed, not a grain and is naturally free of gluten.
Raw, virgin coconut oil - a very stable oil that remains solid at room temperature. Organic, raw virgin coconut oil is of the highest quality, made using only the pure white coconut flesh which is then processed using a cold press.

We soak and activate our seeds and ancient grains for better nutrition and easier digestion. We also dehydrate rather than roast because this gentle way of cooking at a low temperature (47 degrees) locks in the nutritional value and allows the gorgeous spices and flavours to emerge. This slow method also results in the perfect consistency whereby it crisps evenly without becoming too hard or crunchy on the outside. Many of our followers say they find granology gentle on their digestion.

Ingredient list
pumpkin*| raw buckwheat*^| sunflower seeds*^| coconut thread*| pepitas*^| raw virgin coconut oil*| amaranth puffs*| buckwheat puffs*| dates*| walnuts*| cashews*| pecans | raisins*| cinnamon*| ginger*| nutmeg*| sea salt*|
* organic ^ activated