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the study of truly delicious granola


Granology evolved from a belief that our recipe is one of the most delicious granolas ever.

For us, the flavour and consistency of our food is incredibly important. If we enjoy the taste, we want to include it in our regular diet. But more than ever, we also know that food matters - we are connected to what we eat. Our diet impacts on our health, not just on a physical level but on an emotional level too.


So granology is part of our overall food philosophy whereby we eat healthy wholefoods using organic ingredients and we consciously choose beneficial cooking techniques. We feel better, have better health outcomes and still enjoy taste sensation!

We joined forces on developing our recipe from a shared love of food, nutrition and natural health practices. Fiona is a qualified homoeopath and has been passionate about health and nutrition for over 20 years. When she had her first child, she started to question the benefits of modern food processes and then began researching more traditional, health giving ways of feeding her family. Philippa is a journalist and author who worked in London for many years writing for health magazines, including the leading UK alternative health publication. She developed an interest in nutrition and the importance of diet for not only preventing disease but finding energy and balance in life.

While raising our families we both aimed to instill an appreciation of good food, its nutritional value and the direct correlation to good health.

So what makes granology different? We wanted a granola that ticked all the boxes in terms of ingredients and method. We wanted to keep the nasties out - to exclude sugar, gluten and inferior oils. We wanted to use only organic, wholefood ingredients including ancient grains seeds and nuts. And we really worked on the taste so we chose the most delicious nuts - walnuts, cashews and pecans which also provided the right consistency.

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Don't take our word for it: Here's what our customers are saying about granology

Absolutely the best granola! Dedicated to quality, health and great taste. We love granology and so do our customers.

Sue Lyons, Ivy Studio

I've been looking for a breakfast with low sugar content and granology absolutely ticks that box while also being really delicious and nourishing.

Andrew T.

Having an autoimmune gut condition for many years, I know within a short space of time which foods are beneficial to me. I find granology delicious, satisfying and easy to digest.

Suzanne H.

I’m vegan and I eat granology every day for breakfast or as a snack on the go.

Josh P.

I'm a convert to granology. I've had a very happy tummy since eating it for breakfast every day.

Mary H.