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the study of truly delicious granola


Granology may be the new kid on the block but this recipe has been enjoyed by family and friends for many years. We’ve always had such a positive response from everyone who tries it that we thought why not share the deliciousness that is granology.

Granology, and the study of truly delicious granola, has been a journey. We researched, tested and perfected our recipe. We examined each ingredient and focussed on every stage of the production process to get the best outcome in terms of taste, texture and nutrition.

Our goal was to make an artisan, organic granola that is a step above others and truly gourmet.

And so when anyone asks what makes your granola different from others, our first response is the taste. Just try it! But also granology ticks all the boxes – organic ingredients, activated seeds, gluten free, no added sugar and we only use raw virgin organic coconut oil.

We dehydrate rather than roast because this allows the granola to crisp evenly without being too dry, crunchy or hard. It’s a gentle method of cooking which allows flavours to emerge and it results in the perfect consistency. Many of our followers say they find granology gentle on their digestion; dehydrating at low temperatures ensures that enzymes needed for digestion remain in the food. It’s densely nutritious and satisfying but not heavy.

Granology is so nourishing and flavoursome that you don’t need much per serving. We like it with a dollop of coconut yoghurt and fresh blueberries, but you may choose to add kiwifruit, mango or any other seasonal fresh or frozen fruit. It’s just as delicious as a snack straight from the pack!

Don't take our word for it: Here's what our customers are saying about granology

Absolutely the best granola! Dedicated to quality, health and great taste. We love granology and so do our customers.

Sue Lyons, Ivy Studio

I've been looking for a breakfast with low sugar content and granology absolutely ticks that box while also being really delicious and nourishing.

Andrew T.

Having an autoimmune gut condition for many years, I know within a short space of time which foods are beneficial to me. I find granology delicious, satisfying and easy to digest.

Suzanne H.

I’m vegan and I eat granology every day for breakfast or as a snack on the go.

Josh P.

I'm a convert to granology. I've had a very happy tummy since eating it for breakfast every day.

Mary H.